Level Wound Coil

Level Wound Coil is a great solution for when large quantity coiled tubing is a benefit. Our LWC is manufactured in various wall dimensions and diameters, widely used in air conditioning and refrigeration industry(ACR).

Level Wound Coil

Pancake Coil

Straight Copper Tube

Level Wound Coil


HVAC Accessories & Tools


We enshrines its efforts to manufacture and research copper accessories products, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC), and is constantly seeking to innovate and develop its quality, and our goal is to provide the best solutions to customers all over the world.

Delivery speed

Samaco is distinguished by its fast delivery service, as its team ensures that orders are delivered as quickly as possible to the customer’s home, saving them time and comfort.

High quality

Samaco ensures that high quality standards are maintained in all its products, whether consumer goods or durable goods, ensuring customer satisfaction and confidence in the products they purchase.

competitive price

In addition to high quality, Samaco's products enjoy competitive prices in the market, providing customers with excellent value for what they pay, and making it the preferred choice to meet their needs.

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